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Telescopic Door Unit

Telescopic sliding door units are developed for utilizing outside and inside entrances with the widest opening.

Telescopic doors are used to provide wide opening in passage points where intensive pedestrian traffic should be eased such as market entrances, galleries and in narrow door spaces.

It offers different options with sliding to one- or double-side.r.

EWS Automatic Sliding Door Is Functional

It has various user functions as to individual requirements.

Operating speed, opening width and open hold time are adjustable just as you wish. It adjusts opening-closing width automatically through its advanced micro processor. It has user functions such as automatic opening, closing, one-way access, winter opening, open, closed (with lock), airlock, etc. according to user's wishes. It signals in every kind of user mistakes (led). This ensures the correct detection of the failures arising out of user mistakes easily.


Esdor® automatic door units are put up for sale with the contributions and Esdor profile systems of Ekol who has TSE Service Qualification and the right to make Guarantee Certificate out with the authorization of Industry and Trade Ministry.