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Different and New

ESDOR automatic sliding doors are new solutions distinguished with their design, high technology and installation convenience from the current systems. Embodying the aspects of quality and flexibility, these systems fulfil all the functions required by the contemporary building concept.

Mechanism height is 12 cm. The installation of modular system electromechanical unit is very easy. It protects itself from defects resulting from every kind of user mistakes with its intelligent control system. Through its self-monitoring control system, able to think and interpret, it perceives changing conditions, makes the speed adjustment by its own and does not allow sudden movements.

ESDOR Automatic Sliding Doors Are Functional

Operating speed, opening width and open hold time are adjustable just as you wish. It adjusts opening-closing width automatically through its advanced micro processor. It serves to the user's wishes with user functions such as automatic opening, closing, one-way access, winter opening, open, closed (with lock), airlock. It signals in every kind of user mistakes (led). It ensures the correct detection of the failures arising out of user mistakes easily.



Esdor® automatic door units are put up for sale with the contributions and Esdor profile systems of Ekol who has TSE Service Qualification and the right to make Guarantee Certificate out with the authorization of Industry and Trade Ministry.