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Ekol, a consumer-friendly company, has been serving to the pleasure of its costumers with the automatic door systems produced to operate with high performance for many years.

Ekol Co, which takes great steps in the way of being the leader in its field giving importance to Research and Development (R&D), has been the first in many fields with its systems and products.

Bringing a different dimension to the automatic door with Esdor door systems as a package-product, it provides the technician install the door with ease. It directs technicians with its quality and technical support surely to accomplish the best easily. Manufacturing its own product by developing universal solutions, Ekol is by its dealers and its customers.

Ekol, taking into consideration all the factors which create difficulties to technicians with regard to manufacturing and installation, is a company that focuses on technical training, product development and process improvement by activating all the sources to this end.

Furthermore, Ekol, as a business partner of KONE Deursystemen BV in Turkey, has been running sales, manufacture, installation and service of Waldoor automatic smart (sliding, swing, telescopic, curved, prismatic and hermetically sealed sliding) doors in Turkey, Turkish States and Middle East countries.

Ekol, not making any concessions from the principles of quality and unlimited customer satisfaction in any condition, is the first firm to have the authority to give Guarantee Certificate approved by TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) and Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trading. Ekol has also introduced in the tradition of providing service and maintenance on automatic door.



General Conditions of Sale:

In the sale of our product packages presented in standard formats, general rules of sale are applied to our dealers and customers. Introductory information and documents are given. And technical support is provided.

Offers and Orders:

Orders will be valid when a written agreement is made. Demands which are not in writing are without commitment. Solutions will be found to specific projects. Additional work will be charged separately.

Delivery, Risk, Reservation of Ownership:

We will make every effort to deliver the orders on the date stated in the contract.

When we have informed the customer that the order is ready for dispatch, the risk shall pass to the customer. However, the property of the products shall not pass to the customer, unless he has fulfilled his obligations.

General delivery term will be within two weeks. For specific projects, the delivery date will vary depending on the project..



In Turkey, Ekol Co is the first company to have the authority of giving guarantee for automatic doors in accordance with the law numbered 4077. We guarantee that the products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for two years (24 months) from the date of delivery.

Intellectual Property:

All information, models and ancillary materials provided by us; unless authorised by us in writing, is not allowed to be copied or disclosed to the third parties by costumers.




In order to use the goods we have bought with safety for years (or throughout the stated life of use), it is a requisite that we act according to the instructions of use and pay attention to the cleanness and maintenance of them.

Before a problem occurs, especially in electrical devices, regular maintenance is essential for life safety and increasing its life of use.

Regular maintenance is compulsory for automatic doors used in pedestrian and vehicle access points due to safety of life and property.

The automatic doors have to be checked and maintained at least once a year in order to ensure correct operation in compliance with European safety standards.


Believing the necessity of service after sales and being conscious of its responsibility, Ekol Co has been attaching importance to maintenance and service from its establishment onwards.

Ekol Co is the first firm in Turkey to serve maintenance and service with After Sales Service Certificate of Turkish Ministry of Industrial and Trading.



Your automatic sliding doors have Waldoor Smart Door technology and operate with a control system self-monitoring, self-thinking and self-interpreting. So that it protects itself from faults resulting from user mistakes. It does not continue to operate despite the fault. For this reason before you call the service, please make sure whether there is a fault as follows: 





Door does not close

- Dirt or stickers on photocells or photocells off
- Low voltage

Door cannot be closed mechanically

Dirt in lock holes in the floor or friction

Door keeps moving

Moving objects around

Door does not move at all

Make power off, slide door by hand and make power on


If the solutions above are not enough to resolve the problem, please call the authorised service. Do not allow anyone to interfere other than qualified service technician.


Reporting the fault:  


The service demand notices to the authorised service by fax will be tried to respond promptly.

The faults reported before 11:00 in the morning will usually be dealt with the same day. Also the faults reported in the afternoon will be endeavoured to resolve your problem the same day.

Making an annual maintenance and service contract for your automatic doors, you may make use of the professional service support more speedily and more economically.